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Physical Education and Sport

Here at Satit Prasarnmit International Programme we are serious about sport, and provide a variety of sports teams for both boys and girls. We encourage the young people at our school to have a passion for fair play during any sporting competition.

SPIP’s traditionally provides a broad and holistic approach to participation, and our main aim as school is to provide ‘sport participation for all, whilst striving for excellence.’

We are firm in our belief that sport for all should be a part of school life and is crucial in the development of a young learner’s personal qualities. During PE lessons our specialist teachers deliver a broad and balanced curriculum of games, athletics, fitness & swimming.

Through the promotion of achievement, progress, encouragement and excellence we look to nurture each student’s inner athlete, and seek to provide the concept of sport and exercise is for life.

Some students will wish to push themselves to achieve team selection and others will simply enjoy the fun of being part of representing their House at Sports Day, Swimming Gala and Inter House Games.

Sport Competition

Our main regular competition for our sports teams is against other international schools. Satit Prasarnmit International Programme is part of GBAC (Greater Bangkok Athletics Conference). GBAC’s aim is to provide a sports league to schools in Bangkok that encourages healthy participation through fair play, friendly competition, and athletic growth.

As a school our sport’s programme provides opportunities for our selected young athletes to represent the school developing skills such as; leadership, teamwork and communication.

The GBAC schedule includes weekly matches, and tournaments for eight different sports. Our distinguished coaches support and guide students towards participation in GBAC competitions against other schools in the conference. Students who show outstanding talent and commitment to sporting excellence are invited to become part of our school’s many sports teams, these groups of elite athletes work together to reach the pinnacle of sporting success.

Greater Bangkok Athletics Conference

Season 1 August – December

League and Tournaments
GBAC Swim Meet 1 (All fourteen members)
GBAC Track & Field Meet (All fourteen members)

Season 2 January – June

League and Tournaments
GBAC Swim Meet 2 (All fourteen members)
Table Tennis

GBAC Football All Stars

May 14, 2024

Swimming Gala 2024

April 30, 2024

The GBAC All Stars

February 19, 2024

The GBAC Swim Meet

February 19, 2024

Sports Day 2023

December 6, 2023

GBAC U18 Girls Basketball tournament

November 16, 2023

GBAC U13 Girls Basketball tournament

November 15, 2023

Inter House Football

November 9, 2023

GBAC’s U15 Basketball

October 3, 2023

GBAC’s U18 basketball

September 25, 2023

GBAC Basketball

December 1, 2022

GBAC Basketball

December 1, 2022

SPIP Sport day 2022

November 25, 2022

GBAC Basketball

November 3, 2022

Inter-house football games

October 6, 2022

SPIP Inter House Football

September 16, 2022

GBAC Football

May 18, 2022

GBAC Basketball

May 12, 2022

Inter-House Junior Football Girls

April 5, 2021


March 29, 2021

SPIP Paper Basketball Challenge

January 15, 2021

Swimming Gala

November 30, 2020

GBAC game kicks off SPIP VS Amnuay Silpa

November 3, 2020

Inter House Games Basketball

October 21, 2020

Inter House Volleyball

March 2, 2020

Inter House Football

March 2, 2020

Sport Day

December 3, 2019

Swimming Gala

April 2, 2019

GBAC Football SPIP v GIS

February 28, 2019

Sports Day

December 11, 2018

Inter House Games Basketball Boys KS3 and KS4

October 10, 2018

GBAC Basketball SPIP vs Anglo

September 26, 2018

GBAC Badminton

April 26, 2018

Swimming Gala

April 3, 2018

GBAC KS4 Girl’s Football Match SPIP v RBIS

February 6, 2018

Sport Day

December 14, 2017