SPIP took centre stage as the proud host of the GBAC U13 Girls Basketball tournament on 8th November 2023, drawing together a formidable lineup of 10 esteemed international schools from Greater Bangkok. Among the participating schools were Amnuay Silpa, Aster International School, Brighton College, Garden International School, Lycée Français International de Bangkok, St Andrews 107 International School, Singapore International School Bangkok (Thonburi), Thai Sikh International School, and Wellington College.
Under the adept guidance of coaches Ms. Elyse and Ms. Caera, the tournament unfolded as a testament to the multicultural richness inherent in international education. Despite narrowly missing the bronze medal, the team displayed commendable growth, embodying values of teamwork and resilience that extended beyond the basketball court.
This event surpassed the boundaries of mere competition, transforming into a jubilant celebration of diverse playing styles and the unifying power of sports. The athletes from all GBAC schools who attended etched a promising future filled with potential. Beyond the thrilling matches and near victories, the tournament fostered a sense of community and collaboration among the participating schools, leaving an indelible mark on the collective narrative of youth athletics in the Greater Bangkok Athletics Conference. As the finals concluded, it marked not just the end of competitions, but the beginning of enduring memories, showcasing the talent and sportsmanship of these young athletes from various corners of the international school community.