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Exam Results 2021



The Top achievers


Auye - Arisara Srisuthisuriya A* and 2A


Flint – Rawipol Aramwatanapong 8A*and 1A

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cambridge and Pearson Examination Boards decided to cancel all May/June 2021 exams in Thailand and surrounding SE Asian area. Initially grades were awarded by the subject teachers based on School Assessed Grades, calculated alongside a standardised process (set by the exam boards).  Fortunately, before SPIP’s closure in late March, our students had completed all of the course(s) curriculum and covered all the learning outcomes of the syllabi. So, just as the IGCSE/A-Level grade standards remained similar to those in recent years, our students’ achievements were also of a similarly high level, and we are delighted with our most recent examinations’ results.

Checkpoint Examinations

The Top Achievers

Pang – Pannathat Paiyokngarm

English (5.3) Mathematics (6) Science (6)

Ping - Jirachordtanin

English as a second Language (6) Mathematics (6) Science (6)

Fasai – Phuttharaksa Muensang

English as a second Language (6) Mathematics (6) Science (6)

SPIP is delighted to present our hard-working students’ Checkpoint, IGCSE and A-Level exam results.

2021 will be remembered as another unique and challenging year, and despite our students having to overcome many hurdles, they have attained remarkable results. We are extremely proud of their ceaseless efforts, perseverance and adaptability over the last twelve months.

Congratulations and praise to everyone, including our dedicated administration team, and of course, the professional, knowledgeable and tireless teachers who have been providing academic support, encouragement and, when required, counseling to our students in order that they may truly fulfil their potential.

“Please join us in applauding our impressive and successful SPIP students.”

Dr. Worapong Saengprasert
Assistant Director / Head of Programme