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Student Support and Wellbeing Team

Student Support and Wellbeing Team

Mr. Sathibhoph Somtua

Head of Student Welfare and Progress

Ms. Shirlene Pang

Head of Key Stages & Sixth-form Leader

Mr. Jonathan Lewis

Key stage 3 Leader

Mr. George Means

Key stage 4 Leader

Ms. Benjarat Ekthumasuth

School Counselor

Miss Lucksamon Tang

School Counselor

Mr. Rattapum Sornsurin

House Committee Member

Tutor’s Groups 2023/2024


Tutor Groups


7JLE Mr. Jordan Leach
7SJA Ms. Sahiba Jaggi
7NSE Mr. Radek Dobias
8CHA Ms. Ceara Hamm
8DTU Ms. Dingmei Tu
8THU Mr. Tafail Hussain
8RMU Ms. Ropa Mumhure
8GMO Mr. George Mortley
9CTE Mr. Christopher Terry
9JZH Ms. Jingji Zhang
9WCO Mr. William Coston
9DWO Mr. David Wolf
9PWU Ms. Prisca Wu
10AAS Miss Ardra Asok
10TSL Mr. Thomas Andrew Sluhoski
10ADU Ms. Arti Duseja
10AWA Mr. Alex Warren
10SCH Miss Shilpa Chauhan
11DPE Mr. David Persey
11IDI Mr. Ionel Dinu
11MSE Mr. Mark Seeley
11MCA Mr. Massimo Carboni
11PKU Ms Pooja Kumar
12PTR Mr. Phillip Tran
12CBR Ms. Charmaine Bredenkamp
12ARA Ms. Ana Raducu
13DBE Mr. David John Benton
13KTA Ms. Charoemkwan Tahkaew

Important Documents & Form

Important Documents

Request for school nurse

SPIP Field Trip Master Letter

SPIP Field Trip Request Form