The GBAC Football All Stars on 11 May 2024 at Wellington College, Bangkok saw the selection of 12 outstanding SPIP athletes to represent GBAC West in football, marking a prestigious occasion in the realm of sports. Serving as the pinnacle of GBAC football, this event stands as a unique experience within the Bangkok International School sporting community, offering unparalleled opportunities for those nominated.
Among the chosen representatives U15s were Year 9’s Payin and Missile, alongside Year 10’s Fah, Kitty, Perm, and Max, demonstrating their skill and dedication on the field. Their selection reflects not only their talent but also their commitment to teamwork, and sportsmanship to football and the beautiful game.
The U18 Representatives, including Year 11’s Kate (Katherine), Kaosuoy, and Marko, as well as Year 13’s Primm, Arm, and Takeru, showcased their exceptional abilities, earning their place among the best in GBAC.
Special recognition was given to Perm from Year 10, who was honoured with the title of U15 GBAC West MVP, a testament to his outstanding performance throughout the event.
In conclusion, the GBAC Football All Stars celebrate not only the athleticism of these students but also their dedication to excellence and sportsmanship. This gathering of all of GBAC’s most talented athletes exemplifies the spirit of competition and camaraderie, as they come together to represent their schools, and their conference to showcase the best that GBAC football has to offer.