The GBAC All Stars event on Saturday 3 February 2024 brought together all GBAC schools and included nominations for 12 exceptional athletes from SPIP to represent GBAC West in basketball. This prestigious gathered students, coaches and parents to this pinnacle of GBAC event, unparalleled in the Bangkok international school’s sporting community.
The selection of our students for such an honour marks a significant milestone in their athletic journey, highlighting their dedication and skill on the court. This gathering of talent and dedication embodies the spirit of GBAC, as these athletes come together to represent their schools and showcase the best of GBAC basketball.
Among the chosen representatives were:
Year 9 Irene
Year 9 Melody
Year 10 Kitty
Year 10 Bas
Year 10 Phuc
Year 10 Pun
Year 11 Kate
Year 13 Mooham
Year 13 North
Year 11 New
Year 12 Chen
Year 12 Peace
Kate’s (Year 11) exceptional performance earned her the title of U18 GBAC West MVP, a testament to her outstanding skills and leadership on the team.
Each of our nominees brought their unique strengths to the teams, earning their place among the best in GBAC. Our SPIP students who participated in this prestigious event not only served as recognition of their abilities but also as an opportunity for growth and development as athletes. They showcased themselves as young sporting talents, but also their determination to represent the school and the whole of GBAC.
The experience of participating in such an esteemed event is unparalleled, providing memories that will last a lifetime and serving as inspiration for future generations of athletes. GBAC All-Stars event not only celebrates the athleticism of these students but also their commitment to excellence both on and off the court. It is a testament to their hard work, passion, and dedication to the sport of basketball, making them true ambassadors of GBAC and the Bangkok international school sporting community.