SPIP Subject Consultation Day:
Are you unsure about which courses to take to fulfill your degree requirements? Are you interested in exploring different academic options and career paths? If so, then we invite you to attend our subject consultation event!
At this event, you will have the opportunity to meet with teachers and academic counselors who can provide you with valuable guidance and support. You can discuss your future goals, and any concerns related to your studies. You will also learn about different majors, minors, and career paths related to your academic interests and skills.
This is a great opportunity to clarify academic requirements, identify academic goals, and obtain support services that can help you succeed in your studies. We encourage all students to attend and take advantage of this valuable resource.
Subject consultation day is an excellent opportunity for students to receive guidance and support in their academic pursuits. The purpose of a subject consultation day is to help students make informed decisions about their academic choices and develop a plan for their academic success.
Thank you for all teachers and academic counsellors who organize this valuable event for our beloved SPIP students.