The Satit Prasarnmit International Programme has recently been buzzing with a spirit of charity and goodwill, following a monumental fundraising event. Organized by the SPIP Riders, the fundraiser garnered an impressive THB 250,337, all of which was given to the esteemed Bangkok Community Help. This local charity is devoted to providing aid to underprivileged communities within Bangkok. The funds will be deployed for the construction of a house, provision of meals, and procurement of female care products for those in desperate need.
This collective effort stands as a testament to the compassion and generosity inherent within the SPIP community. Acknowledging this, the founders of Bangkok Community Help, Greg Lange and Friso Poldervaart, offered heartfelt appreciation during an assembly at SPIP on Friday, June 2. They personally thanked the community for their dedicated and philanthropic efforts, which culminated in raising such a significant amount for this noble cause.
In a follow-up to this successful fundraising initiative, the SPIP community didn’t stop at just monetary contributions. On Tuesday, June 6th, the tutor group that raised the most money, 8 MSH, along with the ten most charitable students, embarked on a volunteering trip. They went out to distribute meals to impoverished communities, experiencing firsthand how the funds raised were making a real difference. Their efforts exemplified the spirit of giving that SPIP continues to foster, showing that money raised by the SPIP community is truly driving positive change.