As we all know, the 31st of October is the year’s spookiest day. Bring on the creepy costumes and festivities; it’s Halloween!
This Halloween, the SPIP English department played a huge role in organizing various exciting activities around the school, from the thrilling Eerie Escape Room to the exciting Lucifer’s Lucky Draw. Our seniors also organized activities for all SPIP students and teachers to enjoy, such as SaBoo!: where participants can carve spooky designs onto soap, and Boo Loi: a new creepy take on the popular traditional Thai sweet.
The school was decorated from top to bottom with the help of our hardworking student council; jack o’ lanterns filled the always adorned with cobwebs, colorful skulls, and skeletons.
The parents representative,PNS members, offered tons of creepy and delicious snacks & drinks. The face painting, halloween cookie decorating kits and cotton candy exhibited the spirit of the occasion by making the halloween memories last forever.
Overall, the spirit of Halloween was truly felt by students, teachers, staff, and parents on the 31st of October here in SPIP. It provided another means of uniting the SPIP community and enhance the quality of relationships within the school between teachers, parents and the students.