Reflecting on last week’s Friday, the School Fair was a resounding success, bringing together students, parents, and the entire school community. The event was made possible with the unwavering support of the Parent Network of SPIP (PNS) and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).
The PTA generously distributed lucky draw tickets to SPIP students, adding an exciting element to the fair with the opportunity to win substantial prizes. This collaborative effort enhanced the overall experience for our students.
One of the notable features of the fair was the charity booth organized by SPIP students. The Student Council team orchestrated engaging game booths, with all proceeds directed towards charitable causes. This initiative showcased the compassionate and community-focused spirit of our student body.
Under the Wittayawirot building, the SPIP performance team showcased their talents in a variety of captivating shows. The performances received overwhelming support from parents and friends, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the fair.
The evening show took center stage, featuring a mesmerizing classical Thai dance performance by SPIP students. With magnificent props and costumes, our students captivated the audience, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.
The school fair was a testament to the collaborative spirit within SPIP and highlighted the diverse talents and contributions of our students. We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated and supported this memorable event.