“Embracing the enchantment of Loy Kratong! Last week, our creative students showcased their eco-conscious spirit by crafting stunning Kratongs using recycled materials during the tutor period. They put a lot of effort and clever ideas into each one, making it a truly special experience.
During last Friday’s SPIP Loy Kratong Assembly, we celebrated the memorable Loy Kratong Day. Our representative students performed “ลอยกระทงสุขใจ” and “ระบำเภรีเอกราช”. The air was filled with the beat of Thai dances, making us feel the richness of their culture. One exciting moment was the Loy Kratong quiz, where students learned more about this special tradition.
The most exciting part of the assembly was when we got to vote for the best Kratong. Each one showed how artistic and caring our school community is about the environment. As we reflect on this happy day, let’s enjoy the shared culture, new things we learned, and the togetherness that made our Loy Kratong celebration so special!”