Korean Language and Cultural Camp
Recently, SPIP students have traveled to South Korea to gain lifelong experience and observe their culture.
Right after landing, students visited a seaweed factory. There, they learned the process of how to produce famous packed seaweed and a Korean rice roll, Gimbab. There are really interesting experiences since students get to try lots of delicious flavors of seaweed.
For about 2 days of the trip, student have spent time learning Korean language with native teacher. The lessons included Hangul (Korean characters) and short phrases that can be used in their daily life like “안녕하세요“ annyeonghaseyo – hello, “감사합니다” gamsahabnida – thank you, or “미안합니다“ mianhabnida – sorry.
Along with the language classes, students also had K-pop dancing classes. Here, all kids had opportunities to express themselves through dance moves and video recordings at the end of each class. They have decided to learn dance moves for the hook of the song Shut down of Blackpink and OMG of Newjeans. Despite the difficulties in language and communication, the teachers were very open-minded and willing to help clarify any struggling moves. Besides, all the kids can obviously be spotted having so much fun during classes.
One point that have to be mentioned about this trip is that, other than the programmed activities, students all also had chance to explore the area near their hotel or 명동 (myeongdong) with the famous walking street during their free time and did some shopping. The food there was really drooling and the retail stores were very attractive.
Overall, it can be said that this trip is very time well spent. Students are so glad to have such a huge opportunity to go on this Korean language and cultural camp.