We are thrilled to announce the achievements of our two incredible teams who participated in the Equity Partnership competition!
First and foremost, a huge round of applause to Seacretia, the team of Nine, Ing, Focus, Nina and Nutty and Baan Nong Thong school in Phatthalung. Their handmade eco-print scarves, along with their teamwork, dedication and empathy helped to secure first place!
But let’s not forget about the incredible work done by Rari, the team of Zen, Kiwi, Alisa, Siang Siang and Fasai and Hup Krating school in Ratchaburi. Their environmentally-friendly soy based candles and cloth bags truly made an impact in helping to reduce inequality in education.
Lastly, a big thank you to the organizers, judges, sponsors, and all those who supported this competition and showed a commitment to creating a fair and inclusive learning environment for all, regardless of background.