Over the term break, our year 10 Equity Partnership Competition team, comprised of Aleah, Bell, Brye, Chaaim, Keen and Sufia, alongside chaperones Ms. Mim and Mr. George, visited our partner school in Maha Sarakham province. The competition aims to lessen the education gap within Thailand and tackle inequality by equipping these students with skills needed for success in the 21st century. This trip provided our students an excellent opportunity to see how students from lower socio-economic backgrounds live and allowed them to use their creativity to take existing local products and update them to be sold online to a wider market.
Days 1 and 2 were a whirlwind of creativity and collaboration at Baan Na Lao School! Arriving to a warm welcome, we got right to work, brainstorming and experimenting with sustainable product designs. During this trip, we were required to finalize our new product design and we decided on two main creations: eco-friendly cement vases and pots, using innovative techniques like used fabric molds and future boards for shaping.
Nearing the end of day 2, we refined our designs with cultural symbols from Maha Sarakham, choosing kans grass, the iconic rocket festival, and Thai long drums for our pots, plus a rice field top-view for coasters. We also tackled eco-friendly packaging, opting for local pha khao ma bags and shredded paper instead of bubble wrap.
Our final touch was crafting a brand logo that married traditional Thai and modern aesthetics, symbolizing our collaborative spirit.
This experience wasn’t just about creating products; it was also about teamwork, innovation, and cultural appreciation. We’re excited to bring these creations to you soon, crafted with care and community spirit!