Computer science and the Arts: interdisciplinary teaching collaborations
Earn Earn-Benyapha Phatanaphanchai, Year 10 students, shared her experience of AI art generator.
“Technology, developed and evolved by human intelligence, these so called AIs are taking over the skills of many jobs; perhaps this may also be the end for artists as AI is now able to produce digital art which makes digital artists completely worthless! One would say.
I experimented with AI art by typing a topic or subject or object for the AI, the first prompt for my AI art was books in some kind river, I got this idea as I loved books and I love starry nights, especially the painting which was why I put those two together; it makes the art look very appealing to me.
The second prompt was based on one of the models I have in my house, it was an astronaut sitting on the moon, embracing the stars. I chose this because I have an interest in astrology and I liked how the colors of the galaxies were blended together with the moonlight.
In summary, the arts AI made for me were really high quality and lavish, though it was not what I fully wanted as they were missing some details I typed out and this makes their art not very accurate to my needs, which makes me believe that AI would never replace human artists; this is because humans have their own ideas and creativity that AI can never replicate, even if they are able to produce art close to humans, they would never match with our creativity and adaptive skills.
For the extra curious question, in my opinion, computers would be able to take over the human race, their intelligence and capabilities skills can’t be matched with our skills that we have to hone and practice. It only takes coding to make a robot stronger and more skilled in some jobs than humans, and I also believe in the man of Tesla, Elon Musk. “AI is far more dangerous than nukes.”