Catch Up with SPIP 4 Alumni:
Imperial College London, UK
“Here at SPIP, We believe anyone can be anything and from here, you can go anywhere”
Hello, my name is Korn and I am a part of SPIP 4. I have made many great memories at SPIP and sincerely miss all the friends and teachers. I am a fourth-year student on the MEng Chemical Engineering course at Imperial College London.
Imperial College London is one of the world’s top ten universities. In my opinion, chemical engineers innovate and improve process industries (chemicals, energy, and oil) while also addressing global issues such as climate change. I would recommend an engineering degree to anyone who enjoys logical problem-solving and is curious. Furthermore, an engineering degree provides foundation skills for graduates to pursue other industries such as finance and consulting.
After finishing my IGCSE at SPIP in June 2017, I transferred to Kingswood, a boarding school in Bath, UK. At that time, I realised that I would like to pursue an engineering degree, so I studied Maths, Chemistry, Further Maths and Physics at A-Level. I encourage people to take A-Level as it is an advanced qualification that provides a gateway to higher education at university. A-Level allows you to channel your passion since you can choose to study subject-specific qualifications. This means that you can focus on excelling in your areas of interest during the A-Level study.
The transition from A-level to university was one of the hardest parts. All of the lectures in my course are not compulsory to be attended live, and they are always recorded. You will have far more freedom in university; therefore, responsibility is essential for success. My advice for getting into a top university is to plan ahead so that you can choose your course and subject accordingly and participate in as many extra-curricular activities as possible.
Lastly, I was also part of the Imperial and UAL’s Thai Night play with Narin and would appreciate your support by watching the play on YouTube at