Congratulations to Our Outstanding Achievers at the Wai Kru Ceremony!
We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. We are delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students who were recognized and honored during the Wai Kru Ceremony. Your hard work, dedication, and achievements have truly made us proud as a SPIP community.
Academic Excellence Awards:
We celebrated outstanding academic accomplishments by awarding both the top achievement awards and diligent awards to deserving SPIP students. Your dedication to your studies and academic excellence have set an inspiring example for your peers.
Cambridge International Examination Scholarship Awardees:
We extend a special congratulations to the students who achieved the remarkable A* grade in the Cambridge International Examinations. Your stellar performance has earned you well-deserved scholarships, and we commend your dedication to academic excellence.
Sports Achievements:
Additionally, we honored all our sports players, acknowledging individual winners and successful team efforts. Your contributions to sports and your sportsmanship have been exemplary, and we celebrate your achievements on the field.
Your accomplishments reflect not only your individual efforts but also the supportive environment fostered by our dedicated faculty and staff. As you continue your academic journey, we encourage you to persevere, stay committed, and aim for even greater heights.
Once again, congratulations to all the awardees! We believe this is just the beginning of a journey filled with many more achievements and successes.