Pastoral Care Team

Mr.Sathibhoph Somtua

Head of Pastoral Care

Mr.Dylan Gerber

Key Stage 3 Coordinator

Mr.Gary Mills

Key Stage 4 Coordinator

Homeroom Teachers 2018/2019


Homeroom Teacher



Miss. Ivy Grimshaw


Mr. Vincent Moulanier


Mr. Alec Doherty


Mr.Joseph  Fieldsend


Miss. Charmaine Bredenkamp


Mr. Benjamin Rhoads


Mr.James Schultz


Mrs.Rupa Pole


Mr.Jeffrey Burke


Ms Jingji Zhang


Miss. Nataliia Palamarchuk


Mr Wirut Wichianchom


Dr. Martin William Bredenkamp


Mr.Dominic Jacques


Mr.Marcus Woodhouse


Mr.Vitas Somvongsiri


Miss.Shirlene Pang

Sixth Form

Mr.Thomas Vulsma

Mr. Kenneth Gasser

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House System

The House system at Satit Prasarnmit International Programme is at the heart of the students’ lives and is cherished as a means of developing our students into becoming global citizens, and leaders for a better world. It encourages co-operation and friendly competition within a supportive environment and instils into the students resolve, determination, co-operation, creativity, collaboration and an awareness of the importance of community.
All students and staff are allocated to a House, all of whose names reflect Buddhist and Thai culture.

1.Green Makaras

Head of House Mr.Michael Ho

2.Blue Erewan Elephents

Head of House Mr.Dominic Jacques

3.Red Garudas

Head of House Mr.Rattapum Sornsurin & Mr.Sathibhoph Somtua

4.Giant Yellow Yakshas

Head of House Mr.Marcus Woodhouse

Each House has an associated colour, and shirts are worn at many of our House activities throughout the year. The House System is designed to provide opportunities that challenge each student in the House to cover a wide and varied spectrum of interests focusing upon Academics, Citizenship, English and Sports. The array of competitions, the range of events and the dynamics of the House community provide the mechanisms for this to happen here at Satit Prasarnmit International Programme.

By assisting with House and School events, students provide services to both their House and the School. The House System is based around the principle of teamwork, with each competition being the result of the skills and efforts of the House Team.

Leadership is at the heart of the House System, with students being offered leaders roles, as well as holding the position of House Captain. The role of a House Captain is to encourage students to recognise, respond, reason, create, reflect and show resolve in their academic pursuits, personal growth, English language skills development and sporting excellence. They often oversee the welfare of the House and its members being a role model to all.

The spirit and strength of the Houses is an inimitable feature of Satit Prasarnmit. The Houses play a pivotal role in a student’s development and create a unique bond to their House and the School.