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Missed out on joining the BKKMUN event @ NIST? Still interested in showing your passion for politics and debate?

Then come join SPIPMUN on November 5th for WISMUN @ Wells International School (On Nut)!

This large event hosts more than 16 different schools, including a school from Indonesia 🇮🇩, will be meeting at Wells to discuss interesting global issues such as Ukraine, how to store nuclear waste, and the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

If this sounds interesting to you, check the info below for more details and message me, Mr. Thomas, by Gchat ASAP.

There are only 5 open spaces for students remaining for this event!

Sign up now and become the leaders of tomorrow!

Sunday, November 5th, 2023

An exciting new MUN opportunity, open to first-time MUNers! 

600 THB registration fee only, sign up before Thursday, 21st of September!

  • WHO (World Health Organization): The question of long-term storage of nuclear fuel.
  • ECOSOC (Economic & Social Council): The question of economic recovery of Ukraine after war.
  • DISEC (Disarmament & International Security): The question of AI use in war.
  • HRC (Human Rights Council): The question of weaponization of migrants in Belarus.
  • HCC (Historical Crisis Committee): The Arab-Israeli Conflict of 1948.
  • Press Corps: Ensuring accurate and accessible information for all. 

List of schools in attendance:

  • International Pioneers School
  • ACG School Jakarta  (International school from Indonesia!)
  • Ekamai International School
  • Thai-Chinese International School
  • King’s College International School Bangkok
  • Satit Prasarnmit International Programme (SPIP)
  • Concordian International School
  • Traill International School
  • Regents International School, Bangkok
  • Roon Aroon International School
  • American School of Bangkok (Green Valley)
  • Kesinee International School Bangkok (KIS)
  • Berkeley International School
  • International Community School
  • Lycée Français International de Bangkok (LFIB)
  • Wellington College International Bangkok
  • Bangkok Prep
  • Wellington college

Link to website with info of previous event.