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Club: Learning Strategies Through E-Sports

Teacher’s name: Mr.Jeffrey Curry

Number of students: 15 students

Students learning outcomes:
Life and career skills
Arts and performing arts
Critical thinking and problem solving
Creativity and innovation
Computing and IT literacy
Social media marketing
Leadership and Organize
Communication skills

Club description:
E-sports combines high level thinking, game theory, competition, communication, sportsmanship, team-building and excitement. It’s the perfect environment for us to foster a love of learning in a fun, safe, and educational environment. A decade ago, it’d be hard to imagine that secondary schools would be encouraging their students to be involved in something like E-sports. Now, we have teachers, professors, and working adults who not only tout the benefits that E-sports provides a maturing brain, many are gamers themselves. Apex Legends: Platinum, End goal: Diamond Rank; FPS. Requirement: FULL communication in the English Language.