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Dear Students and Parents,
Please be informed that the IGCSE/A-Level Examinations are now available for registration via an online platform. The registration and payment will close on 16 February 2024. Please follow the registration guidelines:

  • Click the link: AS/A-Level May/June 2024 – SPIP
  • Fill in your personal information using CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Tick the syllabus of your preferred exam subjects; year 11 students are expected to take between seven to ten exams.
  • For students who are unsure which syllabuses should be taken, especially Mathematics (core or extended), please consult your subject teachers before registration.
  • Submit your registration.
  • Log in with your ID number.
  • Scan the QR code for payment.

Please note: check your information and syllabus selections before submission. Once submissions have been registered, amendments are not allowed.
Additionally, during the week of 5 February to 9 February students are encouraged to consult with their exam subject teachers regarding their mock exam results in the case that they are unsure about registering for a particular exam.  Full Mock Exam Reports will be released on Schoolbase 14 February.
The provisional Timetable is also available as the attached file.
If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact Ms. Narisara (Or): Exam’s Officer:Telephone
no: 02 260 9621-3  ext 3504
Mobile no. 0624105562
Line: @244qftnc