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Get ready for the Y10 Wind Turbine Challenge!

Each tutor group will build a one-stage or a multi-stage turbine.

Search the internet for “wind turbine”, “steam turbine”, “jet turbine”, “one-stage turbine” or “multi-stage turbine” to learn about the types of turbines that exist. The diameter of your turbine should be between 10cm and 40cm, and the axle of the turbine will be provided by the school. Each group will also be provided with strings and a pair of scissors. You need to use recycled paper/plastic bottles/plastic straws/aluminum foil/caps/lids, etc. to build the blades and use the string to tie the components together.

We will judge your turbine based on how quickly it spins and whether it can spin continuously in front of a fan for 3 minutes without breaking.

Your turbine will be collected after 8:15 on Wednesday, May 29th. During assembly on Friday, May 31st, your designs will be tested out in the Science Design Symposium 2024!