Congratulations, Neva Pattanit Jenjirawattana, on your outstanding achievements in the Academic Competitions of 2023! Your dedication and hard work have certainly paid off, and SPIP are proud to recognize your accomplishments in various fields.
Receiving the Bronze 3rd Prize Award in the Big Bay Bei Heat Round, as well as the Bronze Award in the SASMO competition, showcases your exceptional math skills and problem-solving abilities. Your participation in these prestigious competitions demonstrates your commitment to excellence in mathematics.
Furthermore, your Merit Award in the Kangaroo Math Thailand 2023 competition highlights your remarkable performance on a global scale. It’s a testament to your talent and dedication to mathematics.
In the computational realm, your Silver Award in the Hong Kong International Computational (HKICO) Heat Round, followed by the Gold Award in the HKICO Final Round, truly reflects your proficiency in the Python language and computational problem-solving.
Lastly, your achievements in the Hong Kong International Science Olympiad (HKISO), including a Silver Award in the Heat Round and a Gold Award in the Final Round, underscore your exceptional knowledge and skills in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Integrated Science.
Your accomplishments are an inspiration to all of SPIP students and we look forward to witnessing your continued success in your academic journey. Keep up the excellent work, and may you continue to excel in all your endeavors.
Once again, congratulations, Neva, and best wishes for your future academic pursuits!