We cannot express enough how much we appreciate the parents for allowing us to borrow their children for countless hours after school in order to make our production a success.

The list of students involved is lengthy, so let’s start with our project leaders – Butik Y11, Minnie Pattraporn Y9, and Aormsin Y9 – for bringing our script to life with their meticulous direction.

Props to our props (and costumes) department as well: Tammy and Gam Y11, Cartoon and Deeday Y9, and Grace and Hana Y8. Those props were heavy and and those costumes were tricky get prepared in between scenes!

Our tenured actors Anie Y10, Kyle Y10, Pang Jidapa Y9, Nammon Y9, Bell Y8, and Ton Aor Y8 deserve a very special thanks for sticking with the show for two years, despite the uncertainties that Covid obtrusively provided.

Our newer cast members had no troubles fitting in with our long-established crew as well. Peem Y10, Phum Y9, Tobias and Ricky Y8, and Mimi Y7 all did a fantastic job of blending in during rehearsals and shining during performances.

Of course, our scenes wouldn’t have been nearly as lively without our Townspeople: Buket, Ling Ling, Mi-O in Y7; Aleah, Bam Bam, Beauty, Lily in Y8; Indy Y9; Saph Y10 and Earn Y11.

This was a team effort. But the truth is, we are more than a team, we are a family!

SPIP’s very own Theater Club