PAWS Bangkok Visit:
“SPIP Helping PAWS” is the first community service club at SPIP. We aim to educate the SPIP community about the welfare of cats and raise funds to contribute to the work of PAWS Bangkok, a non-profit organization that works directly with stray cats.
Our journey: In term 1, students began planning a fundraising event that was held towards the end of term 2. For this event, we recognise the leadership of year 11 student Up and year 10 students April and Kitty. April was instrumental in putting together our second event in term 3, when year 11 students were on exam study leave. On this occasion, students Pinya (year 10), Zen (year 10), Dada (year 9) and Minnie (year 8 offered exceptional contributions.
Our result: From our bake sales and games events, and together with the contributions from the Business and Technology department Market Day, we donated 9000 baht to PAWS Bangkok on our visit to PAWS Bangkok on Sunday July 3, 2022. During this visit, students met with PAWS Bangkok volunteers and saw part of what they’ve worked all year towards.
The club members would like to thank the SPIP community for support and look forward to bringing more activities to the school in the next academic year!