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Exciting Update on the Equity Partnership Competition from Aleah, Bell, Brye, Chaaim, Keen and Sufia!
The product development and branding stages are coming to an end as the sales period will soon begin. Our team has been hard at work refining their final product:
“Initially, we wanted to hand paint the flower pots. However, this did not go as planned because it was difficult to draw on each and every flower pot, making it hard to maintain a consistent product line. To tackle this problem, we decided to change our design strategy by incorporating leaf patterns into our pots. We are now using three different types of leaves that are found in the community. Every type of leaf has its own its own benefits and designs. Therefore, it is creatively used as part of the product. Not only will our customers be able to admire the handiwork of young students of the Baan Na Lao, but they will also receive little fun facts about the leaves that are present on their pots.”
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Sales begin on Shopee from 7 July