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Club: Debate Club

Teacher’s name:

Elyse Ryan

Students learning outcomes

1.Life and career skills
2.Critical thinking and problem solving
3.Social and cultural awareness
4.Collaboration teamwork
5.Leadership and Organize
6.Communication skills

Club Description

The debate club aims to cultivate a deep understanding of debate etiquette, focusing on formal discussions that cover a wide range of topics relevant to 21st century learning. These discussions emcompass both formal debate and informal exchanges, providing students with invaluable opportunities to enhance their perspectives, foster collaboration, and develop their spoken English skills, all of which are essential for their future educational, professional and social interactions. In my role as the teacher and moderator, I will assign teams to represent the pro and cons side on different topics, while also valuing and incorporating student input when selecting debate topics. We will work to refine the stages of a debate on the following: Topic Selection, Team Formation and Preparation, Opening Statements, Cross-Examination, Rebuttal, Closing Statement, Evaluation and Feedback. By following these stages of debate, students will develop critical thinking, research skills, effective communication and the ability to engage respectfully in discussion. Students will be given topics each week in which they will be responsible to collaborate with their teams and present their debate at the following co-curricular club time. Students will over time develop a solid foundation of skills such as active listening, analytics, confidence and self expression, time management and respect that will benefit their academic performance.

Club Member

20 students

Materials needed