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Club: Understanding AI

Teacher’s name:

Jack Bradshaw

Students learning outcomes

  • Life and career skills
  • Computing and literacy
  • Social and culture awareness
  • Collaboration teamwork
  • Data analysis and numeracy
  • Critical thinking and problem solving

Club Description

The explosion in the use of AI in recent years has meant that understanding how AI works (and, often, how it doesn’t work) is a key life skill for the modern age. In this course we will explore the history of AI research, the mathematics and computing that underpins AI, and we will also explore some of the social issues that are now arising due to misuse or poor understanding of AI technology.

Students will engage in discussions about the impact of AI, as well as creating their own projects to understand first-hand how simple algorithms are implemented.

Club member

  • 20 students

Material needed

  • Computer and internet access