Trip & Residential Visits

Residential Trips:

The philosophy of SPIP’s is to ensure that we educate the whole child. Sitting in classes with textbooks can only serve as part of this process, while getting the student out in the community can be even more fulfilling. SPIP’s has developed and run year group residential camps for each year group separately in different parts of Thailand. The 6th Form students have the option to partake in an international residential trip of their choice linked to the research projects.

Year 7:

We take them on an eco-science and culture trip to Sampran Riverside. Here they get a chance to get close to nature as well as learn about cultural heritage. Students stay in Thai-styled houses, make craft which are all traditionally Thai-style and study different ways of producing crops. Sustainable development and a keen sense of being able to balance nature with the demands of the economy will truly be useful to them in later life.

Year 8 Khao Yai:

This trip takes us to the heart of the most famous national park in Thailand, Khao Yai. Students learn about the need for these protected bio zones and the importance they play not only in preservation, but also in educational and ecotourism. There are also team building exercises enabling them to develop communicative and interpersonal skills.

Year 9 Kanchanburi:

History always shapes the progression of a society and it is always vital for students to know about their countries past. We take students to Hell Fire Pass and to the Railway Death Museum to see for themselves how other people shaped this area of Thailand. Students ‘ride the train’ reliving the past to enrich themselves in their heritage. A special visit is made to a ruined temple to pay homage to their religious history. No trip to this province would complete without visiting the stunning Erawan waterfall.

Year 10 Rayong:

Water, water everywhere. From the inspirational Queen Sirikit Turtle Sanctuary to helping replant the environment at the Rayong Mangrove Coastal Reserve, the year 10 trip really takes the gloves off the students and gives them hands on experiences – either with the animals or in the mud-pools of the mangroves. They learn about the Samet coral develop programme and even get a chance to plant their own coral. With clean air and clear skies, star gazing has become a tradition at this camp.

Year 11:Thailand

Year 11 focuses more on social responsibilities. Students raise funds to buy things for less fortunate schools. A day is spent with the school teaching and playing games with the students. Naturally, the local students would also want to share their education with our students and take them to the fields and animal pens. Places change each year, but so far Chiang Mai, Krabi and Nan provinces have been visited. Students also take part in team building exercise on the other days and return to school refreshed to face the external examinations.

Year 12:

This is the residential project. All students need to choose which country they would like to visit and then propose what areas of research they wish to undertake. Past trips have been factories in Tokyo and the A-Star Science Museum in Singapore. On their return students need to write up their research project and present it to relevant teachers.