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Club: Table Football

Teacher’s name:

Ionel DINU

Students learning outcomes

1. Life and career skills
2.Critical thinking and problem solving
3. Creativity and innovation
4.Social and cultural awareness
5.Collaboration teamwork
6.Communication skills

Club Description

Table football game is a popular board game played since 1900 and variously known as sectorball game, table(top) football, tabletop soccer, button football or buttonball.
Each team consists of 11 pieces, 10 field pieces, or buttons, in the form of small circular disks, and 1 goaltender piece. At the opening kickoff, all 11 pieces are relegated to their respective sides. Button are always circular in shape, made of plastic and of a wide variety of diameters. In our club we will play the famous Fútbol chapas version.
The game develops skills, logic, calculus skills and nonetheless provides means of entertainment other than the PC, that is very important for today’s youth. The children need to be helped to discover fun without the computer and the board games, the table games are the guarantee of the real sensations, other than what the computer games can offer.

Club Member

20 students

Materials needed