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Club: SPIP Helping PAW

Teacher’s name:

Shalene Sankhagowit

Students learning outcomes

1.Critical thinking and problem solving
2.Social and cultural awareness
3.Collaboration teamwork
4.Leadership and Organize
5.Communication skills

Club Description

SPIP Helping PAWS is a community service club for students who have the same passion to help raise awareness about the welfare of cats and raise funds to contribute to the work of PAWS Bangkok, a non-profit organization that works directly with stray cats. Students will learn about the issues of stray cats in Thailand and how they can make a difference, e.g. educate younger kids about being responsible pet owners, advocating adoption of pets, volunteering their time for community service, strategize to raise funds for the organization in need. Students need to be cat-lovers and passionate in the cause.

Club Member

20 students

Materials needed