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Club: Scientific Spellers Society

Teacher’s name:

Arti Duseja

Students learning outcomes

1.Critical thinking and problem solving
2.Creativity and innovation
3.Scientific literacy
4.Leadership and Organize
5.Communication skills

Club Description

The “Scientific Spellers Society” is a vibrant and engaging club that combines the thrill of spelling with the wonders of science. This club provides a unique platform for students who have a passion for both scientific knowledge and language skills. Through fun and interactive activities, members have the opportunity to expand their scientific vocabulary, enhance their spelling abilities, and deepen their understanding of various scientific concepts. The Science Spelling Club fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where students can challenge themselves, improve their spelling accuracy, and develop a love for scientific exploration. Joining this club offers an exciting journey where science and spelling intertwine, empowering students to become confident scientific communicators.

Club Member

20 students

Materials needed