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Club: Radio Club

Teacher’s name:

April Ing Nina
Supervisor: Phillip Tran

Students learning outcomes

Club Description

Welcome to the radio club! Our club’s aim is to provide our students and teachers with a morning podcast session to start off your day. We will be doing this morning podcast every Friday around 7:30-7:50. We’ll be summarizing important events and dates that happened during the week (e.g. house points count, test dates, important dates, etc.) and the upcoming week as well as expressing our opinion, fun facts, news or even study tips. We are also planning to do an informative board or opinion board to let every student and staff express their opinions about some hot topics happening in the world! Club members would be able to gain many skills such as improvising, active listening, summarizing, communication, and speaking skills, they would be able to gain more confidence in expressing their own opinions and reflecting on their minds as well! We’d also have more exciting activities for everyone to look forward to in the future.

Club Member

20 students

Materials needed