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Club: Journaling Club

Teacher’s name:

Ceara Hamm

Students learning outcomes

1.Life and career skills
2.Creativity and innovation

Club Description

Journaling Club will give students an opportunity to reflect on past experiences and consider future plans and goals. This will be a calm and creative space with a focus on gratitude, reflection and mindfulness. Journaling is really a practice of learning how to listen to and connect with your inner voice. Journaling helps you to reflect on your past experiences and feelings from a different perspective. Future self and manifestation journaling can help you learn how to get into the right headspace to dedicate your intentions and actions to what truly matters to you. Some journaling practices can include goal setting, social-emotional connection and visualizing future successes. Students will also have the opportunity to create their own journaling prompts and they will be able to keep their journal progress for independent journaling.

Club Member

20 students

Materials needed