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Club: Charity Club

Teacher’s name:

Ivy Grimshaw

Mykhailo Shapkin

Shirlene Pang

Students learning outcomes

  • Teamwork,
  • Charity
  • Communication/Presentation skill

Club Description

This club run by sixth form students provides a good opportunity for other students to contribute to a good cause. Students will work together to promote the

charity project and received donations will be donated in-person to the targeted charities by the end of term 2. This club also provides a certificate.

Club member

  • 20 students (KS4 and KS5 students only)

Material needed

  • Computers (26 Jan – 23 Feb)
  • Printer (26 Jan – 23 Feb)
  • cardboard + coloured paper (for donation boxes)
  • Mini Bus (30 Mar)