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Club: Any Book Book Club

Teacher’s name:

Alex Warren

Students learning outcomes

  • Speaking – Pair and group discussions and giving presentations.
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Summarising
  • Listening to and giving opinions.

Club Description

We meet once a week and discuss what we are currently reading or what we have read in the past. Fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry, essays. All of these are welcome in our club! Everyone can join because we read books at our own level and at our own pace. 

Students will learn to convey information with each other and discuss topics in relation to both fiction and non-fiction. A number of sessions will include a discussion theme where members share how different authors have dealt with a particular issue. ​ Students can lead discussions by  reading aloud a  passage  and  asking members how they respond to it. Alternatively, members can simply tell the group about a book they loved (or hated) in the past.  Members will make posters and videos about their books. Members will perform short plays based around the themes of their books. It is a place to share and to  be inspired by others. This club is great for people who already love reading and for those who would like some encouragement to boost their enjoyment of reading.

Club Members

  • 20 students

Materials needed

  • Any book in English